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is an art and a science. 

At Thalassa Psychological Services, we bring evidence-based treatment together with an intuitive, experiential, and person-centered approach to help you understand and address the challenges you face in life.

What We Do

We treat children, adolescents, adults, and couples (through both virtual and in-person therapy) with offices in Manhattan and Westchester. The combination of our experiential approach and art therapy background works well for clients suffering from loss or trauma, as well as those who don’t always have the words to describe their experiences. 

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Get to know us. 

"Thalassa" is the Greek word for “sea,” and provides a beautiful metaphor for the type of treatment we strive to provide–deep, comprehensive, and life-sustaining. Our goal is to help you or your children grow and change. We pay close attention to every detail, exploring with you and learning as we go. We believe in therapy being a two-part process, in which our clinicians are active participants. Before scheduling an appointment, please be aware that we are not in-network with insurance companies. 

Our Services

Manhattan and Westchester

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Individuals &
sand and child therapy
Children &
art materials
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Supervision & Consultaion
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We Welcome All

We embrace and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive space of awareness, respect and cultural acceptance, and providing a safe space for all.

"I thoroughly enjoyed being Dr. Electris' patient. I felt understood, seen and respected in our sessions, and most definitely experienced personal growth as a result of our time together. Not only did Dr. Electris help me better articulate my issues with anxiety and self esteem, we also explored and discovered coping methods that I still use to this day. I could not recommend Dr. Electris enough".

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